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The Last 10 Items I Purchased From Amazon

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Amazon purchases

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, I may earn commissions from qualifying purchases through links in this post at no additional cost to you. You are never under any obligation to buy anything from this site. I just want to spread the word on products I love.

I buy a lot of things from Amazon - Like a lot a lot! I’ve debated one of those doormats that asks the delivery driver to hide the packages. *adds to cart*

If you are like me, you like seeing all the random things people buy off of Amazon. Because, let’s be honest Amazon literally has it all. My purchase trends have changed drastically since having kids, buying everything from wipes to snacks online. As you can see, most of my purchases are made for the kids.

In April 2021, Amazon reported that it has over 200 MILLION Prime Members worldwide. My favorite feature is free shipping! I don’t only use it for shopping either. Prime Video is one of the streaming services we love to take advantage of after the kiddos are in bed. Our toddler even has a few favorite shows on Prime as well. The best part? It’s included in your Prime Membership!

If you don’t have a Prime Membership, you can sign up for a 30-Day Free Trial here.

The moment you’ve been waiting for...Here are the last 10 items I purchased from Amazon:

bath toys

1. Dwi Dowellin Bath Toys Mold Free Fishing Games: I start my Christmas shopping early. If I see something I know one of the boys will like and it’s on sale, I jump on the deal and put it away in a bin. This saves me time and money when the holiday rolls around. I bought this bath toy set because I hate the ones that have holes and can get moldy. It was on sale at the time so I had to grab it. When it arrived, my husband opened the package in front of our toddler. Oops. Thankfully, he has already forgotten about it and I was able to stash it away before bath time!

dried strawberries

2. Stoneridge Orchards Whole Dried Strawberries: Yes, I did spend almost $9 on a small bag of dried strawberries. Our toddler LOVES these so much, but we haven’t been able to find them in stores recently. They’re the perfect after school or on the go snack! Healthy and delicious too!

potty watch

3. Athena Futures Potty Training Timer Watch: With a new baby and mom brain, it’s hard for me to remind our son to go potty or set the kitchen timer every 15-30 mins. You can set this watch to go off at your specified interval and the cool part is it resets automatically! Every time it went off he yelled, “It’s time to go potty!” And didn’t fight us on it. You can set it to play music or just vibrate when it’s time too.

See my top favorite potty training products here and read about how I kickstarted the journey with fun potty charts!

armrest tray

4. Sofa Arm Clip Table, Armrest Tray Table: This tray had been a life saver! The way our living room is set up, there isn’t room for a side table on that side of the couch. I hate having to ask my husband to hand me my drink from the coffee table. It’s super sturdy and doesn’t wobble with active kiddos jumping around.

amazon remote

5. Fire Tv Stick 4k Max with Remote Plus V2 and case: Our old fire stick was outdated, the back was missing, and because it was so small, kept disappearing! This is why I decided to upgrade. I purchased the Remote Plus V2 with a case for ours. It has a super-cool remote finding feature for when you have no idea where your little one put it. It also has a built in LED button light and headphone jack. The cases are no rubber and keep the back from getting lost!

drool bibs

6. 6-Pack of Vuminbox Baby Bandana Drool Bibs and Teething Toys: Our first was not really a big drooler except when he was teething so when our second basically came out of the womb as a slobber monster I had to find something to prevent his clothes from being soaked daily. These bibs are amazing! They are made of quality 100 % organic cotton, super absorbent, and are adjustable with the button closures. They even have cute interchangeable teething toys you can connect if you desire.

kids paint

7. The Mega Deals Kids Paint Set with No Spill Cups: If your kid likes to get crafty and paint like ours, you need this kit! It comes with 10 non-toxic washable color paints, spill proof cups, and matching paint brushes for each color. Our toddler is clumsy (whose isn't?) and these prevent messes plus I don’t have to sit there and wipe each brush after he decides he wants a new color.

kid chef set

8. Tovla Jr. Kids Cooking and Baking Gift Set with Storage Case: Perfect for your little chef! My son loves to help me cook dinner! This set has so much to offer and is a great product to help your little one learn kitchen safety. It comes with everything they need to get involved and is the perfect size for little hands. Money well spent! Check out this Kids Kitchen Step Stool with Safety Bar for tots while you’re at it!

How to stop bug bites from itching

9. Bug Bite Thing: No really, that’s the name of this handy tool! We get eaten up every time we go outside and I end up with scars from scratching so much. The Bug Bite Thing is a suction tool that removes the irritant to relieve itching and swelling. It’s kid friendly, reusable, pain free and doesn’t use any creams or chemicals. So far I’ve used it 3 times and it stopped the itching almost immediately!

Bentgo chill lunch box

10. Bentgo® Kids Chill Lunch Box: This is an upgrade from the standard Bentgo boxes as it includes a removable ice pack to keep food cool. We haven’t used it yet, but the product claims to be leak proof, BPA free, microwaveable, and dishwasher safe. It looks perfect for taking snacks to the park or road trips and comes with a 2 year warranty!

please hide packages from husband rug

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