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Nursery Organization and Decorating Tips

Setting up your baby’s nursery is probably one of the most important and exciting items on your to-do list when you find out you’re expecting. I’ve got your tips for getting started, organizing the nursery, and nursery decorating tips.

nursery ideas

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My favorite part about nesting was putting together our son’s nursery. There is so much involved with the process. You want to make sure the space is relaxing and practical because you will be spending a lot of time in their room.

I will be giving you my tips and tricks on getting started, how to organize the nursery, and some of my favorite nursery decor and nursery furniture pieces that will leave you feeling prepared and ready.

Choosing Your Nursery Theme

The first thing you should do before starting work on your nursery is to choose a theme. Many modern nurseries don’t really even have a set theme, but rather a color scheme.

How do I choose a theme for my baby's nursery?

You can start by asking yourself these three questions. This will allow you to narrow down your search for inspiration.

  • Do you want a loose theme or a very defined one?

  • Do you prefer bright and colorful or something more neutral?

  • Do you want a chic, modern, boho look or something that is more baby-like?

Here are a few baby girl nursery theme ideas, baby boy nursery ideas, and gender-neutral nursery ideas that are popular. Keep in mind this list is totally interchangeable and with a swap in colors, any of these themes can be transformed.

Nursery theme ideas

When we found out we were having a boy, I had a hard time choosing a nursery theme because I felt all of the boy ideas looked super cheesy. This was a few years ago so the boho/chic nurseries weren’t really a big thing. After many hours of searching online shopping sites and Pinterest, we settled on a Woodland theme. When we were expecting our second, I went with a simple boho-inspired nursery with greens, tan, and gold.

Nursery Organization

Keeping your baby's nursery organized is key to making your life easier. It will also help when others from your parenting team need to find and return items throughout the nursery.

Nursery cart diaper station

Create a diaper station next to your changing table. We did this for both of our boys and used this cart. Our three year old loves to roll anything with wheels so we decided not to install those. I put a jar for pacifiers, extra bath soaps, lotion, and diapers on the top shelf. The middle shelf I used for wipe packs (an entire large box of Pampers Sensitive fits perfectly). On the bottom shelf, I stored replacement Diaper Genie bags.

You can also use the top shelf to store baby essentials like nail clippers, nail files, nose sucker, thermometer, Vaseline, diaper cream, gas drops, and more. We put these on the dresser/changing table inside a cute diaper caddy so they were easy to access.

Baby Diaper caddy

Need some extra storage space for blankets and larger-size clothes your child will grow into? Under the crib is a perfect place to store these! I recommend these storage bags. They are super sturdy and hold soo much! I especially love that the top is see-thru to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Baby Closet Organization

baby closet organization

On the inside of the closet door, we hung an organizer/shoe rack with pockets to organize random items like medicines (on the higher pouches), Muslim blankets, burp clothes, pacifier clips, travel diaper refill bags, next-size pacifiers, and more. They have ones specifically for nurseries, but I liked this style better, plus it was more budget-friendly.

On the top shelf of the closet, I used three baskets: toys he would grow into, random items such as the winter car seat cover and sample formula we received in the mail, and the last I kept empty to put clothes he had outgrown that I wanted to keep as memories.

I suggest getting hanging clothes dividers to separate your baby’s clothing sizes. We used these and they fit his theme perfectly. Be sure to invest in velvet hangers too! They will keep your little one's closet neat and save so much space!

Nursery Closet Organization

Our closet has shelving on the bottom, so I bought a few plastic bins from target that matched his theme.

  • Breastfeeding Supplies: Breastmilk storage bags, spare nipple cream/ hydro pads, Lansinoh Breast Therapy Packs, and spare pump parts

  • Humidifier, Moby Wrap, and extra bottles

  • Empty bin I can toss clothes in once he has outgrown them.

  • Baby shoes

On the rest of the shelving area and floor, I stored all of the diapers I received during the baby shower or bought.

Nursery Decor

nursery name sign

If you already have your baby’s name picked out and want to display it in the nursery, adding a custom wooden sign has become super popular. We had a 3D nursery name sign made by a small business, Hickory Home Co, based out of PA. They have over 7k, 5-star reviews. Turnaround time was super fast and they even send you a proof before completing your order. We had so many choices on this piece and I have no regrets about this company! Our sign turned out perfect!

Nursery Shelving

Floating shelves are affordable and great for little trinkets or plants to add some color. We bought these cute nursery décor blocks to put on ours from RaisingWildOne. They carry a few different designs that also make an amazing baby shower gift. They added a nice touch to his nursery!

Adding a mirror is a great way to reflect light and make the space look bigger. This Geometric mirror was perfect for our space! I bought this one in a local store without an online shop, but this one on Amazon is similar.

Nursery Decor Nursery Mirror

Nursery Bedding

Yes- there are so many cute options out there, but don't waste your money on baby bedding sets that have a blanket. Your baby shouldn't sleep with a blanket in their crib for at least their first year and by the time they can use it, they have either outgrown it or you will be changing their theme. We decided this time to just purchase the fitted sheet and crib skirt. I suggest buying at least 4 to 5 fitted sheets. They don't all have to be the same, but this will save you from rushing to do laundry in the event they get sick, spit up, blow out, you know- the gross things babies do.

Changing Pad Covers

I now know how they really got their name- you change them constantly!! I did not expect to be changing that thing at least once a week, more if we are unlucky enough to have a massive blow out. Make sure you have SEVERAL spares. The more the better. Have one that really goes with the theme, but just get solid colors for your back ups. Trust me, they are going to end up getting covered in baby poo.

Nursery Curtains

Curtains are one of the most important parts of your baby's nursery. I think I went through 5 different returns before I settled on the perfect shade of green. Using curtains with a built-in blackout liner is a good idea to darken the room at nap time or help them get a little more sleep in the mornings (I can't wait until daylight savings time is a thing of the past).

Nursery Rug

A good rug will add personality to the nursery. We have wood flooring so we opted for a large shag rug from amazon that basically covered the entire nursery floor area. I wanted something that would add warmth to the room and provide safety as our little one was learning to sit.

Nursery Furniture

I highly recommend purchasing a crib that will convert to a toddler bed and a full-sized bed. Doing this will save you money in the long run because you won't need to purchase another bed for a long while. Make sure you also invest in a quality crib that meets the US Safety Standards. This will be the one place you will leave your baby alone for sometimes hours so you don't want to compromise the quality and safety of their sleep space.

Changing Table

You have a few options on a changing table; one that attaches to the crib (I don't recommend), one that is freestanding (can be repurposed later), or you can add a changing pad to the top of a dresser. We were tight on space so opted to add the changing pad to the top of the dresser. You can also purchase a removable topper to keep the pad more secure.


Nursery ideas

Your child's dresser will get a lot of use for years. We made the mistake of only getting a three drawer dresser with our first so I definitely suggest a six drawer dresser.

I don't care what anyone says, this is a must-have for your baby's nursery. Whether you’re nursing or bottle feeding your baby, reading stories, singing songs, or rocking your little one to sleep- this is where you will experience so many baby bonding sessions. I wanted to buy a cozy rocking recliner, but it was out of our budget, so we opted to reuse a glider we had purchased with our first. This glider has lasted us over 3 years and still has so much life left. I especially love the pockets on the side where I put my phone, snacks, and burp cloth.

Side table

We did not have one with our first and I totally regretted it. I had nowhere to put my drink during those late night feeds! I had to purchase one this time. I got this cute gold table that matched our nursery theme. The bottom shelf I use for storing a basket of baby books and on top, I have a drink coaster and the Hatch Rest for his white noise and night light when needed.

I hope these nursery ideas help you design a space that is calming, inviting, and functional for both you and your baby.


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